WooCommerce plugins for payment gateways in Nepal

Would you like to integrate Nepali payment gateways into your WordPress site? Below are the list and the downloadable WordPress (WooCommerce) plugin links for the most popular payment gateways in Nepal. All the plugins will require a Merchant ID and Secret Key from the respective bank.

1) eSewa

eSewa is the first and by far the most popular mobile wallet in Nepal. eSewa has more than 150k merchants, 50+ Banks, and Financial Institutions (BFIs) and established a wider network of agents nationwide.

WordPress Plugin Link: Esewa Wallet Plugin or Direct Download.

2) Khalti

In any list of top mobile wallets in Nepal, Khalti comes second after eSewa. Khalti does not have an official plugin in the WordPress repository as of now. However, the plugin can be downloaded from the GitHub source.

WordPress Plugin Link: Khalti Wallet Plugin or Direct Download.

3) Fonepay

Fonepay is probably the most used payment method nowadays in Nepal. It comes with various options such as Scan and Pay, Fonepay direct & others. If you want to integrate Fonepay in your WordPress website, it’s the Fonepay Plugin Link: Fonepay Plugin

4) Prabhu Pay

Prabhu Pay is yet another but growing mobile wallet in Nepal.

WordPress Plugin Link: Prabhu Bank Plugin  or Direct Download.

5) Himalayan Bank

Himalayan Bank is probably the first bank in Nepal to introduce an E-commerce payment gateway that accepts ALL Visa and MasterCard branded cards.

WordPress Plugin Link: Himalayan Bank Plugin or Direct Download.

6) PayTime

PayTime claims to bring a revolutionary step in the development of e-commerce in Nepal. Personally, I haven’t used PayTime.

WordPress Plugin Link: Nepal PayTime Plugin

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